The Association of State Public Health Nutritionists (ASPHN) is a 501(c)(3)non-profit membership organization that provides state and national leadership on food and nutrition policy, programs, and services.  We welcome your involvement in our growing organization.

Membership in ASPHN

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Our Mission and Vision

The ASPHN mission statement: To strengthen nutrition policy, programs and environments for all people through development of public health nutrition leaders and collective action of members nationwide.

The ASPHN vision statement: Healthy eating and active living for everyone.

ASPHN Awards

Each June at our Annual Meeting, ASPHN presents awards to members and other leaders in public health nutrition.  Click on Continue Story below to view the awardees from 2017 and earlier.  The awards are in five categories:

1. Excellence in Practice.  This award acknowledges and recognizes an ASPHN member for his or her outstanding contribution to the field of public health nutrition and his or her activities and efforts that have assisted in meeting ASPHN’s mission.
2. The Excellence in Association Work award goes to an ASPHN member whose committee work or Board activities during the past year have made a major difference in moving forward ASPHN's goals and objectives.
3. The Excellence in Advocacy award recognizes someone who has made a significant contribution to the field of public health nutrition through advocacy, policy change, and/or collaborative work with decision makers.

4.  Outstanding Leadership for the National Council of Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition Coordinators.  This award honors a Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition Coordinator for his or her outstanding contribution to public health nutrition specifically related to increasing fruit and vegetable consumption.  This award also recognizes the Coordinator’s leadership role with federal partners and/or the National Council of Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition Coordinators.

5.  Outstanding Leadership for the Maternal and Child Health Nutrition CouncilThis award honors a leader on the MCH Council for his or her outstanding contribution to expanding ASPHN's contribution to improving the health and wellbeing of the MCH population. 

Taking a Leadership Role in ASPHN

If you already an ASPHN member, we invite you to become more active in the organization. Taking on a leadership role offers many benefits to you and to your agency.  For example, leadership offers:

•  Great opportunities for leadership training.
•  State visibility to national leaders.
•  Knowledge of what other states are doing, how they are doing it, and learning opportunities to apply other state's programs and expereinces in your state.
•  Exposure to new resources.
•  Examples of collaboration internally and at the community level.

In a nutshell, your active participation in ASPHN can keep your state on the cutting edge.

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Learn More About ASPHN

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  •        ASPHN 2016 - 2017 Priority Issues
  •        ASPHN 2012 – 2016 Priority Issues
  •        ASPHN 2012 – 2017 Strategic Plan
  •        ASPHN Capabilities Flyer
  •        Key Messages
  •        National Council of Fruit and Vegetable Nutrtion Coordinators
  •        Maternal and Child Health Nutrition Council.
ASPHN's Committees and Councils

ASPHN has three active committees and three active councils.

The Policy Committee collaborates with our partner organizations nationwide to promote strong and effective public health nutrition policies.

The Membership Committee keeps members involved in and informed about ASPHN's activities and works to increase members' skills and knowledge.

The Communications Committee keeps our members and national partners informed about ASPHN's mission and activities through a broad range of communications tools.

The Collaboration Committee guides our work with partner organizations and recruits members to represent ASPHN with our partners.

The new MCH Nutrition Council provides national leadership to promote policies and actions that improve nutrition, health and wellbeing in the MCH population.

The Fruit and Vegetable Council is a leader in promoting increased fruit and vegetable consumption to help all Americans achieve optimal health.  The Council provides an organized voice in influencing decisions that affect fruit and vegetable public health planning on the national level. 

ASPHN Annual Report

ASPHN's 2014-15 Annual Report is now available!  Click here to read about our recent highlights and our plans for the year ahead.

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ASPHN Partner Organizations

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – Public Health / Community Nutrition Practice Group

Action for Healthy Kids

American Public Health Association – Food and Nutrition Section

ASTHO Access Policy Committee

ASTHO Affiliate Council

ASTHO Health Equity Workgroup

ASTHO Prevention Policy Committee

CSPI Food Marketing Workgroup

Collaborate for a Healthy Weight Initiative

National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity

National Fruit and Vegetable Alliance

National Salt Reduction Initiative

National Society of Physical Activity Practitioners in Public Health

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