ASPHN's Collaboration Committee

The Collaboration Committee works to strengthen and improve ASPHN's strategic partnerships with other organizations.

Committee Responsibilities

The Collaboration Committee:

  • Reviews requests for ASPHN members to serve on other organizations' committees or workgroups.
  • Recruits members to be ASPHN representatives to these committees.
  • Provides orientation sessions and guidance to these liaisons.
  • Develops policies to guide the organization's work with our partners.
Highlighted Collaboration: ASTHO Prevention Policy Committee

The ASTHO Prevention Policy Committee provides policy direction to ASTHO on a variety of health promotion and prevention initiatives, including nutrition and physical activity as well as chronic disease risk reduction, and social environments that promote health.  

Alison Conneally, MS, RD, CDN (NY), is ASPHN's representative on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' Public Health/Community Nutrition Practice Group (PHCNPG) - ASPHN Expert Committee.  The Expert Review Committee is responsible for updating Guidelines for Community Nutrition Supervised Experiences.  Public Health Nutritionists, employers and those who educate future dietetic professionals use this comprehensive tool to enhance the knowledge and skills to successfully practice in community settings.  

Alison is a Public Health Nutritionist at the New York State Department of Health.    

Current Collaborations

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – Public Health / Community Nutrition Practice Group – Allison Conneally (NY)

Action for Healthy Kids – Leslie Lewis (LA)

American Public Health Association – Food and Nutrition Section – Helen Brown (ID)

ASTHO Affiliate Council – Becky Adams (AR)

ASTHO Prevention Policy Committee – Becky Adams (AR)

CSPI Food Marketing Workgroup – Jennifer Young (OR)

National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity – Carole Garner (AR)

National Fruit and Vegetable Alliance – Mary Ann Ellsworth (NJ)

National Physical Activity Society – Linda Scovern (OH)

National Salt Reduction Initiative – Amy Koren-Roth (NY)

United States Breastfeeding Committee – Robin Stanton (OR), Suzanne Haydu (CA), Lisa Borden (NY), Martha Hagen (KS)

About the Committee

The Collaboration Committee meets on even months for one hour by conference call.  We welcome any ASPHN member to join the Committee.  If you're interested, please contact Sandy Perkins.  The current committee members are:

  • Chair: Pat Simmons (MO)
  • Ashley Davis (OH)
  • Martha Dominguez (CA)
  • Mary Ann Ellsworth (NJ)
  • Regina Flynn (NH)
  • Rebecca Fuester (MA)
  • Martha Hagen (KS)
  • Leslie Lewis (LA)
  • Emia Oppenheim (OH)

Click on Continue Story below to view the Committee's:

  • Overview of the Committee one-pager and poster
  • Recent liaison orientation call agendas
  • Partnership review forms
  • Current workplan

Pictured in the photo, from left to right: Amy Koren-Roth (NY), liaision to the National Salt Reduction Initiative, Pat Simmons (MO), liaision to the Collaborate for a Healthy Weight Initiative and the National Fruit and Vegetable Alliance, Linda Scovern (OH), liaison to the Physical Activity Society, Pat Race (NY), Collaboration Committee member, Peggy Trouba, (NE), liaison to the ASTHO Affilliate Council, Suzanne Haydu (CA), liaison to the US Breastfeeding Committee, Martha Hagan (KS), Collaboration Committee member, Mary Ann Ellsworth (NJ), Committee member, Becky Adams (AR), liaison to the ASTHO Prevention Policy Committee, Doris Montgomery (IA), Committee member, and Lynda Alfred, ASPHN Consultant (in front).

Resources for Liaisons

ASPHN's liaisons are a critical component of our partnership work.  Liaisons are ASPHN members who represent the Association with our partner organizations.  They are a vital communication link, and they play a variety of roles.  Some liaisons participate with representatives of other organizations in developing key messages or in crafting or reviewing documents or publications.  Other liaisons participate in regular conferences calls to gain new information.  

Here is some information that is useful for liaisons.  Click on Continue Story to view:

  • ASPHN's Partnership Policy
  • A listing of ASPHN's partnerships
  • ASPHN Key Messages
  • Liaisons' responsibilities
  • Guidance for writing board reports
  • Sample Board reports