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Safe Use of Salad Bars in Schools Modifiable Fact Sheet
Safe Use of Salad Bars in Schools. MS Word 2003 file     This is the "Modifiable Fact Sheet" referred to in the PDF below.
Salad Bar Safety Accompanying Guidelines. PDF/Acrobat file  

The Safe Use of Salad Bars in Schools modifiable fact sheet was created to assist you in your work as a State Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition Coordinator. Please use the fact sheet to encourage salad bars in schools and to bridge gaps in discussions around salad bar food safety.  The modifiable fact sheet includes a set of guidelines, codes, and food safety procedures needed to safely operate salad bars in schools. 

Before distributing the fact sheet to others in your state, be sure to customize it based on your state’s specific needs and requirements. An accompanying guidance document is available above for download. The guidance document offers tips and strategies on how to collaborate on the edits in order to successfully modify the fact sheet and make it available for wide distribution in your state.

A special thanks to ASPHN's Salad Bar Task Force members for their work on the Safe Use of Salad Bars in Schools fact sheet.  The Salad Bar Task Force members include:

Mary Ann Ellsworth (NJ); Diane Golzynski (MI); Pat Simmons (MO); Donna Speed (MS); Betty Sun (CA); Carol Voss (IA).