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Pediatric Obesity Mini CoIIN Webinar February 6 2015: Application Technical Assistance
Driver Diagram. PDF/Acrobat file     This file has clickable links in the driver diagram
Application packet. PDF/Acrobat file  
February 6, 2015 webinar agenda. PDF/Acrobat file  
Webinar . Video MP4 file     If this file does not open immediately, right click and download then open with your media player.

This technical assistance webinar was held for states intending to apply to be part of the Pediatric Obesity Mini CoIIN.  Materails from this webinar are posted here.

Applications are due February 20, 2015.   A Word version of the application is available by contacting Sandy Perkins at

The MCH Nutrition Council training webinar held on January 15, 2015 includes an overview of a CoIIN.