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See It, Say It, Share It: Public Health Nutrition Marketing Campaign
Improving Nutrition, Decreasing Disease. PDF/Acrobat file  
Joining Forces for Healthy Food Sources. PDF/Acrobat file  
Shaping Healthy Habits for Life. PDF/Acrobat file  
Making Healthy Choices, Easy Choices. PDF/Acrobat file  
Nutrition is a Right, Not a Privilege. PDF/Acrobat file  

The value of public health nutritionists is all around us, yet sometimes it can be challenging to communicate what we do.  ASPHN has developed these tools to help spread the word about our profession.

Video vignette for Improving Nutrition, Decreasing Disease

Video vignette for Joining Forces for Healthy Food Sources

Video vignette for Shaping Healthy Habits for Life

Video vignette for Making Healthy Choices Easy Choices

Video vignette for Nutrition is a Right not a Privilige