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Membership Categories and Forms

   Expanded Member Application Form
   Associate Member Application Form

You can join ASPHN in one of three categories:

Designee Member – A person appointed by the chief health official of the official public health agency of each U.S. state, district, territory, possession or tribe.  The Designee must be an employee of the public health agency. 

Expanded Member – Anyone who is employed by a health agency, who is contracted by the health agency, or who is under the guidance of the health agency as long as the person performs state-level public health nutrition responsibilities.  Also eligible are individuals performing state-level public health nutrition duties in the state department of human services, education, agriculture or aging, or tribes.  Expanded members can be nominated by the state nutrition director or they can nominate themselves to be an Expanded Member.  ASPHN's Board of Directors then approves their membership.  Click on the file above to open the Expanded Member Application Form.

Associate Member – Individuals or agencies with an interest in public health nutrition who do not work for, or are not consultants contracted by the state public health, human services, education, agriculture or aging departments, or tribes.  Click on the file above to open the Associate Member Application Form.

If you have any questions, contact Allison McGuigan, ASPHN Membership Consultant.