ASPHN Tools That Champion Our Members’ Work

For most of our members, the 2021 ASPHN Annual Meeting seemed to align perfectly with the issues, challenges and opportunities they care about most. For many, even though the meeting was held virtually, it felt like a homecoming. A gathering where they felt seen, heard and understood.

“We’ve been championing public health nutritionists for nearly 70 years,” says Karen Probert, ASPHN Executive Director. “This association is a place where public health nutritionists can gather with like-minded individuals who speak the same language, share the same passions and support the same mission,” she adds.

ASPHN has built programs and unique offerings designed to recognize, honor and support public health nutritionists. We encourage you to learn more below and take advantage of these tools to celebrate your team’s triumphs or share a passion project of your own.

Industry Recognition

Programs like the ASPHN Annual Awards offer important public recognition by shining a light on the incredible work being done both in our communities and in our association. There are numerous award categories that recognize excellence in practice, advocacy and association work as well as outstanding leadership categories in ASPHN’s councils.

The awards are announced during ASPHN’s Annual Meeting. This year, the winners were also featured in a special edition publication, which includes a mechanism for readers to congratulate each individual winner directly from the publication. If you have a colleague who deserves industry recognition, the nomination process is easy and opens in the spring. To learn more about the awards program, contact Allison McGuigan.

Profiles in Excellence

ASPHN develops leaders in public health nutrition. This blog, the Development Digest, was created specifically to support your professional development and foster your leadership skills. We regularly feature stories about our members, the challenges they’ve faced and the leadership tools and best practices they’ve employed to build their teams and serve their communities. We welcome the opportunity to share your story. Upcoming issues will focus on Overcoming Obstacles, Thinking Strategically and Working Smart. To be profiled in the Development Digest, be sure to contact Lourdes Pogue.

Year-Round Public Acknowledgment

ASPHN created the Public Health Nutritionists Hall of Fame to salute our members’ work and help others learn about the value of public health nutritionists. This new addition to the See It. Say It. Share It. awareness campaign underscores the innovation and passion our members bring to their work. Best of all, it provides valuable third-party recognition that can be accessed online 365 days a year. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a rising star, the Hall of Fame is an ideal vehicle for recognition. The application process is short and easy. For questions, reach out to Lourdes Pogue.

Ongoing Opportunities for Recognition

Participation on ASPHN’s various committees and councils provides ongoing opportunities to engage and receive recognition from peers across the country. Over the past few months alone, ASPHN members have presented and moderated sessions during the Annual Meeting and been featured in ASPHN’s monthly newsletter, website, webinars and trainings. These opportunities not only enrich your practice, but also bring awareness to the value of your work.

“Recognizing our members and their work is a vibrant and dynamic way to share information and experiences,” says Probert. “I encourage everyone within ASPHN to get involved and take advantage of these programs,” she adds.

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