ASPHN Welcome – Inaugural Issue

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Development Digest, a space where public health nutritionists can take a moment to breathe, relax, and focus solely on their professional growth and development.

Here, you won’t be expected to meet any deadlines. Or respond to anyone. Or commit to anything. Except yourself. Because every issue will be filled with sound advice, new ideas, and fresh inspiration that will refuel your desire to advance your career and re-awaken the many reasons you initially chose to enter public health nutrition.

By joining ASPHN, you’ve taken a critical step in affirming the value of your work and the importance of your work path. We’re here to support your daily mission through the products and services we provide. We’re also here to support your career growth and foster your leadership skills.

We’ve created Development Digest to help you realize your potential. Every issue will focus on a different aspect of professional growth … be it collaboration, mentoring, strategic thinking, or a host of other topics. We’ll talk to experts, share how peers are overcoming challenges, and point out resources that can help you be the best at what you do.

Best of all, we won’t clutter your inbox unnecessarily because each issue will reside on our website after the Digest has been emailed to you. So go ahead. Grab a cup of something soothing, settle into your chair for a few minutes, and enjoy a little “me time” in the middle of your workday with ASPHN’s Development Digest.

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