Membership, Communication & Outreach —COMMITTEES—

The ASPHN Membership Communication and Outreach Committee provides guidance regarding communications to ASPHN membership and its partners.

The committee works to involve members in ASPHN’s programs and to increase members’ skills and knowledge. Guided by the Communication Plan, the Committee:


  • Target effective ways of communicating to the ASPHN membership

  • Provides orientation for new members

  • Plan networking activities for the ASPHN annual meeting

  • Organize activities that encourage membership/involvement in ASPHN

  • Offers mentoring opportunities

  • Promotes membership involvement

  • Reviews and evaluates current publications and resources and makes suggestions for revisions

  • Plans for the dissemination of information to members, the public & professional organizations

We welcome any ASPHN members to join the committee. 

The Membership Communication and Outreach Committee currently includes 6 ASPHN members from around the country.

The current committee members are Susie Leo (AZ), Co-Chair; Helen Brown (ID), Co-Chair; Elizabeth Brandley (VA); Megan Erickson (SD); Jennifer Folliard (SD); Carol Friesen (IN); Rachel Klenzman (TN); and Patrice Thomsen (KS).  Any ASPHN member is welcome the join the Membership, Communication & Outreach Committee.  Contact Amber Brown to participate.

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