Active Communities Council —COUNCILS— Healthy Food,

Our Purpose: To strengthen policy, environmental change, programs and services to promote healthy foods and active communities.

Any ASPHN member can join the Healthy Food, Active Communities Council.  Contact Amber Brown today!


Healthy Food, Active Communities Council members can serve in leadership positions on the ASPHN executive committee, standing committees, work groups, and/or represent the Healthy Food, Active Communities Council on national committees.

Healthy Food, Active Communities Council tasks:

  • Provide leadership and advocate for the role and the competencies of public health nutrition in obesity prevention
  • Advocate prevention resources on the state and national level
  • Collaborate with partners to impact obesity across states and the nation
  • Serve as a trusted resource and partner for expert opinion, policy development, environmental change, evidence based programs and practices for national and state obesity prevention efforts
  • Facilitate networking, training, education and sharing of evidence based obesity prevention practices among public health nutritionist and others committed to obesity prevention

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