June 9, 2023 Board Meeting

The ASPHN Board of Directors met on June 9, 2023.

  1. Nine General member applications were approved: Monica Belyea (CT); Laura Spencer (NM); Valarie Stofferahn (MN); Shannon Scott (TX); and Sarah Alarid, Rachel August, Carolyn Conner, Margaret Dosland and Mattie Sobotka (WA).
  2. Four Associate member applications were approved: Jessica Torro (CO); Heather Litchfield and Kapri Toone (NC); and Josephine DeHoyos (TX).
  3. Motion to approve $2,565.07 of unrestricted funds to cover time and travel costs incurred by Cynthia Atterbury of MECA Consulting, LLC to help select a hotel and meeting space venue for the CDC-DNPAO 2024 National Training passed unanimously.
  4. Policy Committee actions on behalf of ASPHN since last board report:
    1. Submitted comments on behalf of ASPHN to the USDA/FNS on Proposed Rule: Child Nutrition Programs: Community Eligibility Provision-Increasing Options for Schools (FNS-2022-0044).
    2. Submitted comments on behalf of ASPHN to the USDA on Proposed Rule: FNS-2022-0043, Child Nutrition Programs – Revisions to Meal Patterns Consistent with the 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
    3.  Sign-Ons:
      1. Signed-on in support of Reps. Omar, McGovern, and Moore collaboration with Sen. Sanders, Gillibrand, and Heinrich to reintroduce the Universal School Meals Program Act
      2. Signed on in support of the NANA Steering Committee’s statement detailing the science-based process of WIC and School Foods in anticipation of potential Congressional restrictions this appropriations cycle.
      3. Signed on in support of the Coalition on Human Needs’ organizational letter addressed to Congress advocating for  a responsible approach to the federal budget and against cuts to SNAP, Medicaid, and TANF.
      4. Signed on to the Alliance to End Hunger and the National WIC Association’s letter addressed to Patricia Bailey, Chief, WIC Vendor and Technology Branch Policy Division, Supplemental Nutrition and Safety Programs, FNS,USDAsupporting the Proposed Rule: Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC): Online Ordering and Transactions and Food Delivery Revisions to Meet the Needs of a Modern, Data-Driven Program RIN 0584-AE85; FNS-2022-0015

Final May 2023 board meeting minutes