Policy Committee —COMMITTEES—

The Policy Committee is ASPHN’s voice in promoting and influencing public health nutrition policies.

The Policy Committee provides its members with timely information on public health nutrition policy issues through emails, webinars, newsletter articles, social media, website posts and monthly Board reports. By diligently probing those national issues which align with ASPHN’s strategic goals the committee strives to influence the adoption of evidence-based and best practice public health nutrition policies and practice; upstream and at the federal level.


To ensure greater health equity for our most vulnerable and at-risk populations, the ASPHN Policy Committee strives to address systemic racism as well as its potentially destructive influence upon the social determinants of health (SDOH).


Policy Committee co-chairs:  Jennifer Young (OR) and Chris Mornick (WA).


Committee Meetings: The Policy Committee meets virtually on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 2:00 pm ET.


For more information, contact Michelle Futrell.

On behalf of ASPHN, the Policy Committee responds to key public health nutrition issues and federal legislation by submitting public comments with ASPHN as sole author; and signing onto letters of advocacy with partners organizations. The committee’s comprehensive Priority Watch List guides and directs its advocacy efforts.


Our decision-making process for how best to utilize the committee’s resources are guided by the PETAL protocol:
• Prioritize Health Equity
• Engage the Community
• Target Health Disparities
• Act on Data
• Learn and Improve

The Policy Committee is currently focusing on a number of priority areas:

  • Dietary Guidelines

  • Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act / Child Nutrition Reauthorization

  • Nutrition, physical activity and obesity prevention funding for state health departments

  • Menu labeling regulations

  • MCH Block Grant

  • Chronic Disease Funding

  • SNAP-Education

  • Nutrition Facts Label

  • Farm Bill

  • Health Equity as it relates to healthy foods.

Committee Structure

Committee Membership

Any member of ASPHN is welcome to participate in the Policy Committee's activities. Members can be involved in the Committee on an ongoing basis or they can join our efforts on a specific project or issue.


The Committee meets monthly via conference call throughout the year. Committee members work on their priority issues by e-mail and phone.

Educating & Informing

The Policy Committee keeps the ASPHN Board of Directors informed about its activities through monthly board reports. The Committee educates ASPHN members about important public health nutrition issues by posting on our site, sending newsletters & facebook.

Policy Resources

Prevention and Public Health Fund

Updates on Priority Issues & Comments

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