December 9, 2022 Board Meeting

The ASPHN Board of Directors met on December 9, 2022.

  1. Twenty-nine General member applications were approved: Zarina Ahlstrom, Roel Ayala, Kathryn Faull and Bianca Valenzuela (AZ); Nicole Barron, Tina Breitenbach, Rebecca Gruenes, Mary Frances Guiney, Sara Johnson, Stephanie Olson, Sandy Sather, Jennifer Skinner and Jayne Thalhuber (MN); Rachel Bowman (UT); Ashley Danielson and Elizabeth Fridley (IA); Pam Galloway, Tammie Rowe and Sarah Weiss (AL); Jocceline Hernandez (CA); Leighanna Konetski (CO); Lacy Little (MT); Christy O’Connor (NC); Danica Pelzel (KS); Kanchan Saagi (NY); Neelma Skilling (HI); Annette Slonim (WA); and Rachel Spurr (AK).
  2. Fifteen Associate member applications were approved: Tatum Byhre, Garrett Peacy, Kali Starin and Maija Thronveit (MN); Erica Cutts, Amanda Densmore, Abby Erwin, Danielle Lafont, Debra Lindelof, Dolores Riley and Marinna Wojciechowski (VT); Theodore Anderson (SC); Bukola Daramola (MD); Germyah Heart (GA); and Jacqueline Vernarelli (CT).
  3. Policy Committee actions on behalf of ASPHN since last board report:
  • Submitted quotes from both ASPHN President, Jamie Stang and Past President Mary Ann Ellsworth to be included in NWA’s organizational press release spotlighting how the science-based standards set up WIC families for success and contribute to broader state public health priorities.
    • Nearly half of US infants and more than one in four US children participate in the WIC program. WIC program food packages are tailored to optimize the participants’ dietary intake, including the provision of fruits and vegetables, seafood, and legumes, which most infants and children lack in their diets. Given the critical role that nutrition in early childhood plays in brain development, it is imperative that the WIC program be expanded to assure that all eligible infants and children are provided with the foods and nutrients they need to reach their potential.”
      – Jamie Stang, PhD, MPH, RDN, ASPHN President
    • “As the voice for state public health nutrition leaders across the nation, ASPHN supports the WIC Program’s food package rule. Healthy eating is the foundation for good health and disease prevention. The WIC Program’s science-based standards are designed and implemented to guide and support WIC families in the incorporation of healthier foods, especially fruits and vegetables. As our nation grapples with a vegetable and fruit consumption crisis—where roughly 90 percent of Americans do not meet the recommended daily servings for fruits and vegetables—the food package rule will enhance the impact of WIC to achieve a vital public health priority through significant system change.
      – Mary Ann Ellsworth, MS, RDN, ASPHN Past-President
  • Sarah Rogers (NV), ASPHN liaison with NANA submitted “yes” votes on behalf of ASPHN, for three proposed disagreement resolutions in NANA’s 2023 Farm Bill: Nutrition Security Recommendations:
      • Should NANA include pilot proposal (d) in its Farm Bill recommendations? (Yes/No/Abstain)
        Pilot proposal (d): Increasing the frequency of benefit allotment distribution to participating households.
      • Should NANA include pilot proposal (f) in its Farm Bill recommendations? (Yes/No/Abstain)
        Pilot proposal (f): A fruit and vegetable incentive combined with a sugary beverage reduction strategy at the point of purchase, building off of the 2008 Farm Bill.
      • Should NANA provide regular reports on SNAP purchase data to give insight into affordability of foods, the timing of purchases within a monthly benefit issuance cycle, and the types of products typically purchased with SNAP funds.

    Result: Majority of respondents voted “yes” to the inclusion of all three proposed resolutions (above).

  • Signed-on in support of The Work & Family Legal Center’s letter addressed to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, urging him to prioritize the Pregnant Workers Farness Act (PWFA) and bring the bill to a standalone vote on the Senate floor this year (2022).
  • Signed-on in support of a letter from  Food Research & Action Center (FRAC), the Alliance to End Hunger, and Share Our Strength addressed to congressional leaders urging Congress to reinstate the expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) and the expanded Earned Income Tax Credit in any end of the year tax package.
  • Signed-on to the National WIC Association’s (NWA) letter addressed to congressional leaders asking them to support the  Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) in the omnibus/end-of-year legislative session. There are two distinct asks: first, to sustain the fruit/vegetable bump in a full-year spending bill; and second, to advance a comprehensive, bipartisan Child Nutrition Reauthorization bill that will expand WIC eligibility, modernize WIC services, and invest in the nation’s infant feeding infrastructure.
  • Did not opt out of the National Home Visiting Coalition Steering Committee’s letter encouraging members of Congress to ensure that MIECHV reauthorization is included in an end of year legislative package.

Final October 2022 board meeting minutes

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