Implement the “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” WIC Model Project in your state WIC clinics.

ASPHN is recruiting states who want to learn more about the “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” WIC Model Project in your state WIC clinics. If you are at all interested in this project, we need to hear from you by December 13th. Please fill out the interest form and return it to Amber Brown.

“Learn the Signs. Act Early.” Program is an evidence-based program developed by CDC that aims to improve early identification of developmental monitoring and promotion screening. This project aims to equip WIC staff with tools and resources to help identify earlier and address the developmental concerns of the one in six children in the U.S. with a developmental disability.

ASPHN is recruiting state WIC programs to implement and assess this Missouri-tested model in their own WIC clinics statewide. States will receive seed funding and assistance for a two-year period to integrate “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” into a few WIC clinics in the state and develop a plan and strategy to implement statewide.

We will have two phases to the application process:

Phase I: This is for any state that is at all interested in this opportunity. By entering Phase I, state staff commits to learning the details of this project by attending an informational webinar, reading informational materials, and speaking with ASPHN consultants to learn more details about the project. Simply fill out the interest form and submit it to Amber Brown at by December 13th.

Phase II: If a state is still interested after Phase I, then they would submit a final application for Phase II. Only states in Phase I are eligible to apply for Phase II.

Click here for more information. If you have questions, please contact Amber Brown.

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