January 14, 2022 Board Meeting

The ASPHN Board of Directors met on January 14, 2022.

  1. Four General membership applications were approved: Erin Hoisington (IA); Caroline McKinney (IA); Bambi Press (IA); Alina Rivera (NC).
  2. One Appointed member was approved: Angy Harwood (ID)
  3. Eight Associate membership applications including six Student member applications were approved: Ursula Ballard (TX); Kaitlyn Cooper (MN); Kelley Dillon (MN); Alyssa Dougherty (MN); Mara Galic (GA); Brianna Juma (MN); Aniessa Rollinson (NC); Anneliese Whited (OH).
  4. The motion to approve the ASPHN budget for 2022 as presented passed unanimously.
  5. The motion to approve a new ASPHN Electronic Signature Policy and Procedure passed unanimously.
  6. Policy Committee actions on behalf of ASPHN since last board report:
  • Signed-on to the Coalition on Human Needs letter addressed to U.S. Senate in support of passing the Build Back Better Act.
  • Signed-on in support of Federal Nutrition Advisory Coalition letter to Dr. Lawrence Tabak (acting director of the National Institutes of Health) and CCing Drs. Jim Anderson (principal investigator on NIH grants) and Chris Lynch (Acting Director of the NIH Office of Nutrition Research), regarding funding for the NIH’s Office of Nutrition Research.
  • Signed-on in support of Family Legal Center letter urging Senator Schumer to prioritize passage of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act without delay.


final December 2021 Board Meeting minutes



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