ASPHN's 2022 Annual Meeting • Virtual Format • June 13–15


The 2022 Annual Meeting has pre-recorded 14 poster sessions. We have listed them in alphabetical order below. Please enjoy and share the presentations, which highlight community and public health nutrition activities, programs and research. On June 13, 14, and 15, you’ll have an opportunity to interact live with 9 selected poster authors in Q&A sessions. Please check our meeting agenda for the date and time of poster sessions.

Live poster Q&A sessions are denoted with a *.


* Active OST Healthy Bites Assessment: Enhancing Physical Activity and Healthy Eating During Out-of-School Time in Wisconsin.  Cecily Weber, University of Minnesota


* Breastfeeding Welcomed Here: Assessment and Implementation 2021-2022. Hailey Lewis, University of Tennessee Knoxville


Eating Better Together: A Formative Study. Sandra Wairimu, University of Tennessee Knoxville


* Implementation of Healthy for Life Virtual Cook-along Classes. Alice Jo Rainville, Eastern Michigan University


Infant-led Bottle-Feeding: Impact on intake and weight gain and fussiness in formula fed infants. Emily Wojtowicz, University of Tennessee Knoxville


* Lunch Skipping: Assessing the Frequency and Reasons Why Middle School and High School Students Skip Lunch While Attending a School that Receives Free School Lunch. Sydney Meyer, University of Minnesota


Mental Health Among Temporary Assistance for Needy Families of the African-American Community. Ertha Sefu Omba, Morehouse School of Medicine


* Midwest Food Connection Take-home Tasting Kits:  Parent Engagement in Elementary School Food Education. Rita Stephenson, University of Minnesota


Navigating the Intersection between Food Insecurity and Overweight/Obesity: A Formative Mixed Methods Study. Anna Jackson, University of Tennessee Knoxville


Nutrition Education Intervention to Improve Positive Snacking Behaviors among Employees of a Veterinary Hospital in Charlotte, NC. Carolyn Laporte, Appalachian State University


* Project DINE: Addressing Maternal Mortality and Nutrition Disparities through Father Engagement. Tiara Giddings, Morehouse School of Medicine


* Retailer and Consumer Findings From a Multi-State Online Grocery Shopping Pilot Intervention in Rural & Urban Communities . Rachel Gillespie and Emily DeWitt, University of Kentucky


* A spatial analysis to characterize online grocery purchase among families eligible for SNAP by the availability of online grocery retailers in the Northeast of the US. Kuanyu Chen, New York University


* Using Positive Deviance Research to Improve WIC Counseling on Picky Eating. Rachel Feinberg and Melissa Vang, University of Minnesota

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