June 12, 2020 Board Meeting

The ASPHN Board of Directors met on June 12, 2020.

1. Six Expanded membership applications were approved: Nicole Engelbart (NE); Stephanie Jodier (LA); Ellen MacMichael (FL); Alicia Muckenhirn (MN); Miranda Robertson (UT); Brenda Treadwell (FL).

2. Twenty Associate (eleven Student) membership application approved: Liz Adams (OR); Victoria Ayala (CA); Amy Blom (CO); Leslie Cunningham-Sabo (CO); Mary Curnutte (KY); Cristen Harris (WA); Dena Herman (CA); Lauren Johnson (OR); Sonya Kauffman-Smith (OR); Kelsey Kinderknecht (WA); Phoebe Luc (OR); Anne Lund (WA); Selena Salfen (MN); Elaine Sim (OR); Alyssa Thomas (CO); Sandra Van Calcar (OR); Janet Wester (MO); Miranda Westfall (CA); Emma Whigham (OR); Clarissa Wong (CA).

3. A motion to approve a half-year, half-price Associate membership fee ($25 per Associate member for members joining in July through December 2020) passed unanimously.

4. A motion to approve establishing an appointed, non-voting student position to the Board of Directors; this position would not count toward the 2-person limit per state for Board service passed unanimously.

5. A motion to form an ad hoc committee to recommend a process to the Board of Directors for selecting a student representative as well as any other rights and privileges conferred on this position passed unanimously.

6. A motion to delay the approval of participation in the Healthy for Life® project until we receive additional information and clarification from the American Heart Association in regards to their relationship with Aramark passed unanimously.

7. The Policy Committee actions on behalf of ASPHN since last board report: Signed-on in support on The American Heart Association urging Congress to reauthorize Transportation Alternatives Program’s (TAP) funding via a stimulus bill, an infrastructure package, or regular order in the context of current federal spending.



final May 8 2020 Board Mtg Minutes


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