2020 Annual Meeting Student Posters

The 2020 Annual Meeting has pre-recorded 24 student poster sessions. We have listed them in alphabetical order below. Please enjoy and share the students’ presentations, which highlight community and public health nutrition activities, programs and research.


Maher Ahmed:
 Sustainability Plan for the Georgia Eat. Move. Talk! Program
Georgia State University


Ashlyn Anderson: Interventions Addressing College Student Food Insecurity across the Socioecological Model: A Literature Review
University of Tennessee Knoxville


Amy Blom: Implementation of an I + PSE Technical Assistance Opportunity to Reduce Childhood Obesity: A Qualitative Evaluation of Facilitators, Barriers, and Outcomes
Colorado State University


Morganne Brown: Associations between Diet Quality and Intentions to Lose Weight in Adolescent Sample
University of Tennessee Knoxville


Aurora Buffington: Experiential Learning using Field Trips Increases Food Policy Council Member Knowledge and Confidence to Do Food System Related Work
University Nevada Reno Extension


Kayla Carlson: A Quantitative Analysis of the Diabetes Prevention Program in North Dakota
North Dakota State University


Joanna Cummings: Building Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics Capacity in Lao PDR: The Intersection of Medicine, Culture, and Nutrition
Oregon Health & Science University


Julianne Evans:  Local Policy Recommendations to Support Community Gardens
University of Tennessee Knoxville


Heather Gavras: Driving Health Impact Through a Community Engagement Model
American Heart Association


Rebecca Green: Using an Interactive Food Environment Map to Visualize Food Access in a Rural County
University of Tennessee Knoxville


Grace Hawkins: Social Rhythms and Health Outcomes in Young Adults
University of Tennessee Knoxville


Madelyn Howe: Developing N.E.A.T. Platinum Criteria and Designation
University of Tennessee Knoxville


Kayla Irwin: Positive Youth Development and Food Choices in School Aged Children
University of Tennessee Knoxville


Chomel Johnson: Extending SNAP-ED Nutrition Education to Seniors in Central Eastern Florida
Bethune-Cookman University


Christie Kirchoff: Understanding Student Preferences for Improving Snacking Options at a Large Hispanic Serving University
Florida International University


Rachel Klenzman: Postpartum Anxiety, Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy & Breastfeeding Exclusivity Among Mothers of Infants at Least 3 Month of Age
University of Tennessee Knoxville


Jontrell Mack: Assessment of Cardiovascular Disease Risks of Historical Black College Students
Tougaloo College


Alexandria Morgan: Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Among Historically Black College Students
Tougaloo College


Jessica Norman: Meeting Dietary Needs of Special Populations: Athletes
North Carolina Central University


Abigail Rider: Summer Nutrition Program Site Availability in Tennessee
University of Tennessee Knoxville


Mary Kate Robbins: Assessing Basic Needs Insecurity Prevalence and Associated Factors among College Students Enrolled at a Large, Public University
University of Tennessee Knoxville


Mary Schroeder: Start Strong: Engaging Child Care Providers in the Development of Culinary Nutrition Education Trainings
University of Minnesota Extension


Taryn Smith: Trends in Pre-Pregnancy Obesity Among WIC-Participating Mothers Across 20 U.S. States, 2000-2016
Tulane University


Emily Wojtowicz: Is it time to apply Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative approaches in the primary care setting?
University of Tennessee Knoxville


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