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The 2021 Annual Meeting has pre-recorded 36 poster sessions. We have listed them in alphabetical order below. Please enjoy and share the presentations, which highlight community and public health nutrition activities, programs and research. On June 17, 18, 21, 22 and 23, you’ll have an opportunity to interact live with the poster authors in scheduled 15-minute Q&A sessions. To join a poster session’s Q&A, please check our Poster Session Q&A Schedule for its date, time and Zoom meeting information!

Children’s Healthy Weight CoIIN posters are denoted with a *.


* Advancing Nutrition in MCH: Establishing a partnership between Louisiana Title V and a Tulane Nutrition Leadership Training Program (NLT). Marci Brewer, Louisiana Department of Health


AgriKids: Making moves to end health disparities among rural-dwelling children. Katherine Bell, University of Tennessee Knoxville


* Children’s Healthy Weight CoIIN. Sandy Perkins, ASPHN.


* Children’s Healthy Weight CoIIN Nutrition Integration. Jennifer Young, Oregon Department of Education


* CHW Innovation Nutrition. Bridget Cullen & Shawn Meyer, Wisconsin Department of Health


Collaboration to Enhance Special Olympics Coaches’ Guide to Nutrition. Alice Jo Rainville, Eastern Michigan University


Container Gardens for Change. Taylor Koenigs, University of Tennessee Knoxville


COVID-19 Deaths compared to other Health Status Factors for Counties in the State of Georgia. Sherri M Chatmon, Florida A & M University


Evaluating Self-Efficacy of the Remote Provision of Local Food Access and Assistance Resources (FAAR) Training Program for Community and Public Health Nutritionists. Julianne Evans, University of Tennessee


* Florida CoIIN – Physical Activity Workstream. Asma Odeh, Florida Department of Health


Fruit and Vegetable Intake Among a Sample of Families Attending a WIC Clinic in a Rural North Carolina County: A Quality Improvement Capstone Project. Kyle L Thompson, Appalachian State University


Heart Health Ambassador Program aims to reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk amongst students attending Tougaloo College, an HBCU in the south. Jerbrea Powell, Tougaloo College


Identifying Factors Influencing COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among Migrant Refugee and Minority communities in Chicagoland and Using Targeted Public Health Education to Encourage COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake. Ijeoma Uzoho, Morgan State University


Implementation of Virtual Nutrition-Focused CACFP Enrichment Activities During COVID-19: A Quantitative Evaluation of Outcomes. Nancy Jiang & Aditi Goel, University of Minnesota


* Increasing Child and Adult Care Food Program Among Nevada Early Care and Education Centers. Eileen Hough & Laura Urban, Nevada Department of Health


Increasing Food Security in a Designated Food Desert in Coastal East Central Florida. Aurora Sullivan, Bethune-Cookman University


The Influence of Sociocultural Factors on Fast Food Consumption Among Latinx Immigrants in South Florida. Christie Kirchoff, Florida International University


Interventions Addressing College Study Food Insecurity: A Systematic Review. Anna Jackson, University of Tennessee


* Iowa CHW CoIIN. Nicole Newman, Iowa Department of Health


* Jesus Was Breastfed – Supporting & Encouraging Breastfeeding in African-American Churches. Kenya Eddings, Arkansas Department of Health


MCH Title V State Actions to Reduce Food Insecurity: North Carolina. Diane Beth, North Carolina Department of Health


Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Recipe Bank Demonstration Videos Using Products Distributed at Second Harvest Tailgate Food Distribution Events. Carol Friesen, Ball State University


* North Dakota CHW-CoIIN Nutrition Integration. Mikaela Schlosser, North Dakota Department of Health


Nutrition and Health Needs Assessment for the State of Colorado, Phase I.  Sirui Mi, Colorado State University


* Nutrition Toolkit for MCH Regional Staff in Texas. Claire Niday, Texas Department of Health


Outcomes from healthy eating and physical activity recognition programs in early childcare and education: A scoping review. Molly Pass, University of Minnesota


Produce Pick of the Month Pivot: The Challenges and Opportunities of Virtual Learning for Elementary School-Based Nutrition Education. Aurora Calvillo Buffington, University of Nevada Reno Extension


Project DINE: Addressing Maternal Mortality and Nutrition Disparities through Father Engagement. Tiara Giddings, Morehouse School of Medicine


The Secret Life of Breasts: Lactation & Society, Lessons learned when offering an inaugural course in the midst of COVID-19. Emily Wojtowicz, University of Tennessee Knoxville


* Support Lactation Accommodation and Reduce Inequities in Infant Feeding in California. Robbie Gonzalez-Dow


Surgical intervention for tongue-tie: Is maternal pain recall affected by time since intervention? Taylor Winkel, University of Tennessee Knoxville


Using Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) to create a complementary parent component to an existing nutrition education program for elementary-aged children. Gerit Wagner, University of Minnesota


Virtual Approaches to Improving Mississippi Health Outcomes: Maintaining obesity prevention and health interventions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Meghan S Spencer, Florida A & M University


Virtual COVID-19 Education Program in the Elderly Population of North Miami. Mohini Bhakta, Florida International University


Vols2Vols on the Web: A Novel Virtual Peer-based Nutrition and Cooking Education Class. Wade Seifert, University of Tennessee Knoxville


WIC Outreach During COVID – A Pilot Program. Kecia Caldwell, University of Tennessee Knoxville


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